Twerk It Like Miley :

Giới thiệu :

Twerk It Like Miley

Ca sĩ : Brandon Beal



Hãy điền những từ còn thiếu vào chỗ trống

  • that's
  • got
  • tell
  • look
  • I'm
  • stack
  • it
  • back
  • move
  • thong
  • pick
  • stack
  • shots
  • gon'
  • that's
  • yo
  • ass
  • beat
  • like
  • spending
  • drop
  • pick
  • thong
  • me
  • ready
  • I
  • throw
  • like
  • got
  • up
  • just
  • like
  • it
  • tongue
  • in
  • them
  • down
  • you
  • it
  • twelve
  • it
  • tongue
  • you

1. Hey, girl, this song, let's see that padonkpadodon

2. I'mma try to do the things that don't

3. Baby, it's yo party, just wanna play

4. What's that sound? What's that thang that's me like wow?

5. I'm tryna beat beat it twelve rounds

6. Girl, look at that body, I gotta say

7. When you back back back back it up

8. And you it down low

9. And you pick pick pick pick it up

10. Girl, ready to blow

11. I'mma stack stack stack stack it up

12. And I'm it all

13. When I throw throw throw throw it up

14. Start twerkin' Miley(6x)

15. You everybody in this club lookin' at you girl

16. How you that thing from side to side

17. Fuck everybody in this club, cause I got girl

18. I'mma you what's goin' down tonight

19. Girl, it's rain, that's that sound

20. That's that shit got you like wow

21. And would you let me beat beat rounds

22. Baby, at that body, I just gotta say

23. When you back back back back back up

24. And you drop it low

25. And you pick pick pick pick it up

26. Girl, I'm to blow

27. I'mma stack stack stack stack it up

28. And I'm spending all

29. When I throw throw throw throw throw up

30. Start twerkin' Miley(6x)

31. I know you wore jeans

32. So I can se that thong thong thong thong

33. Thong thong thong thong

34. Pop like Miley

35. And don't forget that tongue tongue tongue tongue

36. Tongue tongue tongue tongue

37. Twenty more then I pass out

38. But what I'm aiming for

39. Baby, let drown

40. When I wake up, I'm still the club

41. Looking at the DJ, turn my shit up, oh

42. So when the beat beat beat beat drops

43. Get your on the floor


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