The Nights :

Giới thiệu :

The Nights

Ca sĩ : Avicii



Hãy điền những từ còn thiếu vào chỗ trống

  • told
  • never
  • our
  • told
  • no
  • get
  • took
  • to
  • let
  • day
  • that
  • you
  • that
  • a
  • live
  • this
  • my
  • you
  • of
  • into
  • face
  • they
  • you'll
  • would
  • will
  • younger
  • shadows
  • pouring
  • let
  • these
  • when
  • this
  • life
  • of
  • father

1. Hey, once upon a year

2. When all our disappeared

3. The animals inside came out play

4. Hey, went to face with all our fears

5. Learned lessons through the tears

6. Made memories we knew never fade

7. One my father he told me,

8. "Son, don't it slip away."

9. He me in his arms, I heard him say,

10. "When you older

11. Your wild heart live for younger days

12. Think me if ever you're afraid."

13. He said, "One day you'll leave world behind

14. So live a life will remember."

15. My father told me I was just a child

16. These are the nights never die

17. My told me

18. When thunder clouds start down

19. Light a fire can't put out

20. Carve your name those shining stars

21. He said, "Go venture far beyond shores.

22. Don't forsake life of yours.

23. I'll guide you home matter where you are."

24. One day father he told me,

25. "Son, don't it slip away."

26. When I was just kid I heard him say,

27. "When get older

28. Your wild heart will for younger days

29. Think me if ever you're afraid."

30. He said, "One day leave this world behind

31. So live a you will remember."

32. My father me when I was just a child

33. These are the nights never die

34. My father me

35. These are the nights that die


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