Silver Lining :

Giới thiệu :

Silver Lining

Ca sĩ : Nightcore

Hãy điền những từ còn thiếu vào chỗ trống

  • with
  • and
  • tumbling
  • make
  • I'll
  • sky
  • still
  • going
  • keep
  • silver
  • go
  • silver
  • lightning
  • silver
  • you
  • save
  • open
  • the
  • save
  • way
  • climbing
  • the
  • to
  • to
  • silver
  • wouldn't
  • wherever
  • silver
  • the
  • silver
  • sky
  • will
  • I
  • the
  • know

1. Here's a storm on the streets, but you don't run

2. Watching and waiting for the rain come.

3. And these words keep you dry

4. Or wipe tears from an sky

5. But I know, but I know, but know I'm right.

6. And I won't let drown, when the water's pulling you in

7. I'll fighting, I'll keep fighting.

8. The rain's to follow you wherever you go.

9. The clouds black and the thunder rolls

10. And I see and I see lightning

11. When World surrounds you, I'll make it go away

12. Paint the sky with lining.

13. I will try to you, cover up the grey

14. With lining.

15. Now there's no back from the things you've done

16. I know it's too late to stop setting sun.

17. You see the shadows in distant light

18. And it's never going be alright

19. And you know, and you and you know I'm right

20. And I won't get left behind, when the walls come in

21. I'll keep I'll keep climbing

22. The rain's going to follow you you go.

23. The clouds go black and thunder rolls

24. And I see lightning, I see lightning

25. When the World surrounds you, make it go away

26. Paint the sky silver lining

27. I try to save you, cover up the grey

28. With lining

29. When the World surrounds you, I'll it go away

30. Paint the with silver lining

31. I will try to you, cover up the grey

32. With lining

33. Silver, silver, silver, silver, silver lining

34. Deep blue deep blue sky

35. Silver, silver, silver, silver...


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