Nocturne :

Giới thiệu :


Ca sĩ : Secret Garden

Hãy điền những từ còn thiếu vào chỗ trống

  • blue
  • Just
  • be
  • no
  • don
  • and
  • never
  • watch
  • darkness
  • will
  • give
  • the
  • night
  • heart
  • child
  • so
  • you
  • with
  • wonder
  • be
  • dark

1. Now let the day slip away

2. So the dark night may over you

3. Velvet silent true

4. It embraces your and your soul


5. Never cry, sigh

6. You t have to wonder why

7. Always always see

8. Come and dream the night me


9. Have fear

10. When the draws near

11. And fills with dreams and desire

12. Like a asleep

13. So warm, deep

14. You find me there waiting for you Nocturne

15. We will fly, claim sky

16. We don t have to why

17. Always always see

18. Come dream the night with me


19. Though lay

20. It will way

21. When the night delivers the day



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