Innocent :

Giới thiệu :


Ca sĩ : Taylor Swift

Hãy điền những từ còn thiếu vào chỗ trống

  • an
  • still
  • turns
  • lunchbox
  • a
  • are
  • what
  • floor
  • you
  • okay
  • wait
  • bigger
  • all
  • two
  • your
  • this
  • would
  • have
  • to
  • not
  • an
  • out
  • still
  • firefly-catchin'
  • me
  • believed
  • wild
  • Are
  • caught
  • you
  • mind
  • yourself
  • you
  • and
  • to
  • never
  • messed
  • like
  • speak
  • see
  • you
  • And

1. I guess you really did it time

2. Left in your warpath

3. Lost balance on a tightrope

4. Lost your tryin' to get it back

5. Wasn't it easier in your days?

6. Always a bed to crawl into

7. Wasn't it beautiful when believed in everything?

8. And everybody in you?

9. It's all right, just wait see your

10. String of lights is still bright me, oh

11. Who are Is not where you've been

12. You're an innocent

13. There's some things you can't of

14. But at night you'll live it again

15. You wouldn't be shattered on the now

16. If only you sing what you know now then

17. Wasn't it easier in your days?

18. And everything of reach,

19. Someone bigger brought down you

20. Wasn't it beautiful runnin' 'til you fell asleep?

21. Before the monsters up to you?

22. It's all right, just wait and your

23. String of lights is still bright to oh

24. Who are is not where you've been

25. You're an innocent

26. It's okay, Your life is tough crowd

27. Thirty two, still growin' up now

28. Who you Is not what you did

29. You're still innocent

30. Time flames to embers

31. You'll new Septembers

32. Every one of us has up too, ooo

33. Lives change the weather

34. I hope remember

35. Today is too late to be brand new,

36. It's all right, Just and see your

37. String of lights still bright to me, oh

38. Who you are Is where you've been

39. You're still innocent

40. It's Your life is a tough crowd

41. Thirty And still growin' up now

42. Who you are is not you did


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