Forever Friend :

Giới thiệu :

Forever Friend

Ca sĩ : Fiona Fung

Hãy điền những từ còn thiếu vào chỗ trống

  • we
  • staying
  • forever
  • know
  • are
  • believe
  • I'm
  • loving
  • believe
  • me
  • can
  • you
  • in
  • oh
  • I'm
  • forever
  • all
  • baby
  • all
  • love
  • are
  • oh
  • will
  • my
  • only
  • to

1. I I can love

2. You give me your care

3. I believe in what are

4. I don't where I would be

5. Without you with me

6. Sometimes, lost in misery

7. You will take me all the way, not afraid

8. Oh, you and me, hand in hand everywhere

9. AmazingBe friend, oh friend

10. We are friends

11. Oh baby, you give me the love I need

12. You are the one

13. I believe I love

14. You give your loving care

15. I in what we are

16. You take me all the way,as day by day

17. Oh, and me, hand in hand to everywhere

18. AmazingBe my friend, friend

19. We are friends

20. Oh baby, you give me all the I need

21. You the only one

22. You will take me the way, as day by day

23. Oh, you and me, hand hand to everywhere

24. AmazingBe my friend, friend

25. We forever friends

26. Oh you give me all the love I need


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