Christmases When You Were Mine :

Giới thiệu :

Christmases When You Were Mine

Ca sĩ : Taylor Swift

Hãy điền những từ còn thiếu vào chỗ trống

  • the
  • in
  • you're
  • the
  • Christmas
  • want
  • a
  • to
  • Christmases
  • you
  • one
  • your
  • were
  • little
  • this
  • think
  • there
  • were
  • say
  • Christmases
  • a
  • a
  • except

1. Please take down mistletoe

2. Cause I don't want to about that right now

3. Cause everything I is miles away

4. In a snow-covered town

5. Mama's the kitchen, worrying about me

6. Season's greeetings, hope well

7. Well I'm doing alright, if you wondering

8. I know this shouldn't be lonely time

9. But there were when you were mine

10. I've been doing fine without really

11. Up until night's got cold

12. And everybody's here you

13. Baby, seems like everyone's got someone hold

14. But for me it's just lonely time

15. Cause were Christmases when you were mine

16. Merry everybody

17. It'll have to be something I just this year

18. And were cousins late again

19. When you were putting up the lights year

20. Did you notice less pair of hands

21. I know this shouldn't be lonely time

22. But there were when I didn't wonder how you are tonight

23. Cause there Christmases when you were mine


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