Angel With A Shotgun :

Giới thiệu :

Angel With A Shotgun

Ca sĩ : The Cab

Hãy điền những từ còn thiếu vào chỗ trống

  • I'm
  • survive
  • an
  • a
  • all
  • til'
  • my
  • a
  • take
  • you
  • is
  • before
  • if
  • angel
  • saint
  • not
  • wars
  • you
  • you're
  • Battles
  • heart
  • care
  • a
  • babe
  • the
  • soldier
  • angel
  • I
  • you
  • what
  • I
  • hide
  • love's
  • all

1. I'm an angel with shotgun, shotgun, shotgun

2. An with a shotgun, shotgun, shotgun...

3. Get out your guns begun

4. Are you a or a sinner?

5. If a fight Then I shall die

6. With my on a trigger

7. They say you start a war

8. You better know you're fighting for

9. Well baby, you are that I adore

10. If love is what you need, a soldier will be

11. I'm an angel with shotgun

12. Fighting the wars won

13. I don't if heaven won't take me back

14. I'll throw away my faith, just to keep you safe

15. Don't know you're everything I have?

16. And I Wanna live not just Tonight

17. I'm an with a shotgun

18. Fighting til' the won

19. I don't care heaven won't take me back

20. I'm angel with a shotgun...

21. Fighting til' wars won...

22. I don't care if heaven won't me back...

23. I'll throw away faith, babe

24. Just to keep safe

25. Don't know you're everything I have?

26. And

27. Want to live just survive

28. And

29. Gonna hide, hide, my wings tonight

30. They say before you start war

31. You better know what fighting for

32. Well baby, you are that I adore

33. If love what you need

34. A I will be


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