Angel With A Shotgun :

Giới thiệu :

Angel With A Shotgun

Ca sĩ : The Cab

Hãy điền những từ còn thiếu vào chỗ trống

  • know
  • wars
  • care
  • your
  • angel
  • I'm
  • til'
  • I
  • my
  • I
  • you
  • away
  • angel
  • not
  • all
  • angel
  • heart
  • is
  • with
  • you're
  • better
  • a
  • away
  • you
  • care
  • I
  • heaven
  • is
  • live
  • the
  • know
  • a
  • that
  • say

1. I'm an with a shotgun, shotgun, shotgun

2. An angel with shotgun, shotgun, shotgun...

3. Get out guns Battles begun

4. Are you saint or a sinner?

5. If love's a fight Then shall die

6. With my on a trigger

7. They say before start a war

8. You better what you're fighting for

9. Well baby, you are that I adore

10. If love what you need, a soldier I will be

11. I'm an with a shotgun

12. Fighting til' the won

13. I don't care if won't take me back

14. I'll throw my faith, babe, just to keep you safe

15. Don't you you're everything I have?

16. And I Wanna not just survive Tonight

17. I'm an angel a shotgun

18. Fighting til' wars won

19. I don't if heaven won't take me back

20. I'm an with a shotgun...

21. Fighting the wars won...

22. I don't if heaven won't take me back...

23. I'll throw my faith, babe

24. Just to keep safe

25. Don't you know everything I have?

26. And

27. Want to live just survive

28. And

29. Gonna hide, hide, hide wings tonight

30. They before you start a war

31. You know what you're fighting for

32. Well baby, you are all I adore

33. If love what you need

34. A soldier will be


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